Vienna Lager II 12/11/10 Update

Today I checked on the Vienna LagerĀ  II, and the White Lab’s German Lager yeast is fluffed up like an ale at 50 *F.


It would appear my run of bad luck with lagers may be coming to an end, finally.

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Vienna Lager II 12/11/2010

I brewed my second all-grain Vienna Lager yesterday. Considering it was the strangest brew day of my brewing career all is going well.

The strange part is that while brewing the Vienna I was also assisting my father/mechanic change the crank pulley on my 2000 Chevy Malibu. At times like this I am very grateful for having the More Beer 1100 brewing sculpture. The sculpture allows me to have the free time to assist in general mechanic duties, including two trips to the auto parts store.

The recipe for this Vienna Lager is super simple. I got it from mashweasel over at the Northern Brewer forum. It is approximately 90% good quality German Vienna malt, 10% German Dark Munich malt, and enough de-husked Crafa Special II to bring the color into the required range.

As with any other German Lager the bittering should be from Noble hops calculated to be within the range specified by the BJCP according to the gravity of the individual beer. In other words, if your dtargeted gravity is on the low side of the rage then so should the bitterness level, and vice versa.

I also like to add a small flavoring hop addition to the Vienna Lager at 10 minutes left to go in the boil, consisting of 1/2 an ounce of a Noble Hop per 5 gallons of wort.

I chose the great all around White Labs 830 German Lager strain for my yeast. This is supposedly the world famous 34/70 strain known the world around.

As with all of my brews that I use liquid yeast in, and plan to re-pitch the yeast in a subsequent batch, with 1 minutes left in the boil I tossed in one of White Lab’s Servomyces tablets. I also used 1 whirlfloc tablet with 5 minutes left in the boil.

See ya’ll next time,


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